Meinl Cymbals MS16MC 16inch M-Series Traditional Medium Crash

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MEINL have been leaders in their field for years now, supplying drummers everywhere with premium equipment that is most certainly built to last. Their range of cymbals are a perfect example of the brand's tried and tested craftsmanship - there is little wonder as to why MEINL is a name musicians are quick to go for. The MS16MC Traditional Medium Crash is part of MEINL's M-Series - built to deliver rich sounds with gorgeously warm undertones throughout. The sounds this crash cymbal delivers are characteristic of the B20 bronze alloy the cymbal is made from, with a Mid-Bright trimbre and all round character. The 16" medium crash cymbal projects loudly and clearly and oozes pure musicality. while its price tag is equally as endearing to any drummer in the market for a new ride for their kit.

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